My cooking style is based on simple foods with great flavor. I incorporate fresh produce and local meat with a holistic and alternative approach, with the main focus on foods that are both delicious and healthy to eat.

I learned how to cook from my mom, but the real transformation began when I moved to New York City. When I stepped foot in the Union Square Green Market, it was love a first sight. It inspired me to try new things, create seasonal recipes, and eat local, sustainable foods. Living a busy life and finding time to eat healthy foods on a budget proved to be difficult. I used the basic skills I learned in my mother’s kitchen, and started to explore alternative preparations and dietary theories. This lead me on a path to enroll in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified holistic health coach. I look forward to the opportunity to help people develop healthier, more energetic lifestyles, starting first with what they choose to cook and eat.


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  2. Karen

    Love the story and the entire blurb. all the best in this new and exciting endeavor!

  3. chuck windeknecht

    Danielle if a gifted chef and just prepared an amazing meal for a house party that my husband and I hosted. Everyone raved about the meal, it was such an amazing experience I highly recommend it. I did not lift a finger, it was stress free and it was so nice to just be able to relax and enjoy our friends. This is so much better than going out to eat, the pace is your own and the atmosphere relaxed. Danielle you aced this, thank you very much! You are going to be a superstar, we are spreading the word!!!! Thanks again, Dorothy & Chuck Windeknecht.

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